Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WIP Wednesday

This week I will share a work in progress that is not a quilt after a quick update on my last two WIP Wednesday posts. I have not done anything with the batik piece, yet. Hopefully next week I will have the courage and time to mess with it. As for the rag quilt, it is almost done. I am more than halfway through snipping it. I will finish that today and wash it, so I can give it to its recipients tomorrow.

This week we started painting the dining room. Here is the before:
Here is the current state:
We are going to finish painting around the bottom in white. It is amazing how cold this grey looks next to my warm Sweet Persimmon. The chandelier will come down and this one will go in its place.
The old curtains will go back up. They are ivory and look fine with the new paint.

I took Debra's advice and we simply primed and painted right over the wallpaper. It really looks great.

Since that was so successful in the dining room, and Dave is on a roll, next comes the kitchen. It is going to be one of these tans in the third row with white trim and possibly white cabinets.
I am going to make red curtains for the bank of windows in the breakfast nook. I will also get new light fixtures for the kitchen and a new faucet. Also we will replace the drawer and cabinet pulls. Home Depot has just expanded their kitchen design center near us. I have not been in there yet because the parking lot is a mess as they expand the rest of the store. I am hoping they have more choices than they did in their old space. Certainly they expanded for a reason, right? Eventually, I want granite counters, but that is a while off.


Deb Geyer said...

WOW, Jules! The Warm Sweet Persimmon looks great! I am impressed that you are able to do all of that with a new baby in the house!

Jane Ann said...

It's good to see you coming back up for air again (having been submerged in matters maternal). Whew! Honey, your earlier description of the wallpaper in that dining room in NO WAY conveyed the full effect. I am awed that you lived with it as long as you did! Love that Sweet Persimmon--definitely looks like a redhead's dining room!

Deb H said...

I love decorating! I wish I had become an interior designer. What a change you wrought there. It'll be beautiful!