Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miss Shirley's Shrine

Rebecca posted Miss Shirley's Shrine on her blog. My son had Miss Shirley a couple of years ago and we love her, too. Now to start on my vertebrae one...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's Almost Summer

This is the last week of school. I have two kids "graduating" this year. One is finishing elementary school, and one is finishing preschool. Since we are moving in two weeks, Friday will be our last day to be associated with this elementary school. For six years I have been volunteering at this school, and I am sad to leave it. Many times I have started to call the principal to see if my younger son could go to this school as a transfer student. But then I decided we all have to bloom where we are planted, even when we are transplanted. I talked to the president of our PTA District and she said she would help me get involved at the new school. I just think the more involved the parents are, the more the child can get out of school. My parents were always volunteering for everything, so my sisters and I follow in their footsteps.

I have done nothing of a quilty variety in ages. After we move, I will get back into it. I have been doing some planning of quilts. I see a shrine quilt in my immediate future for a friend who is facing surgery and months of rehab starting tomorrow. My friend Rebecca made a beautiful one for a preschool teacher facing breast cancer and my idea is growing off of hers. Maybe when she reads this post she will post a picture of hers. I also see my first political quilt shaping up on paper. I am getting a lot of encouragement on this front from quilting friends and those who hear my rants. Maybe they think getting it in cloth might shut me up. I just think it will get me strange looks from some of those who enter our house. However, I am used to that.

Our old house has not sold, yet, but we do have some people seriously looking. Keep your fingers crossed. We are going to get the painters started on a couple of rooms in the new house. We simply cannot move the boys into purple floral bedrooms. It might scar them for life. I still cannot decide on the main color for the house, so that will be put on hold until we move in. Until I decide, we cannot decide on carpet or new countertops or anything like that. I think I am just going to have to move in and live in it for a while. Who knows? Maybe Debra was right and I might just decide to keep some of the purple. I do think the peacocks in the dining room will have to go...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

To See What I Did

To see how I spent Friday, check out my friend Rebecca's blog. She does some incredible work, and she is starting a new guild this week. I am going to my first guild meeting ever. I had a blast with Sharon and Rebecca on Friday. I hope we can get together to experiment on a regular basis. I would never think to do these things on my own, but with those two, I think I may get more adventurous.

My son had middle school orientation this week. Boy did that make me feel old. However, he is very excited about it, and has started wearing his middle school t-shirt. He is already talking about what activities he wants to do including art club, the school paper, and band. Did my middle school even have a paper? I don't remember. We did have a band.

Until next time...