Friday, June 22, 2007

It has been too long

I have been working on things for my new job, and my sewing room has been neglected. Well, except for designing and making ribbons for the rookie league of our swim team. But tomorrow, it is back to work. I hope.

I just finished a two week course on "The Essentials of Effective Teaching." I passed, so I am ready to start my job teaching algebra. I hope. I am very excited about teaching starting in August. I know I am in that fantasy stage where I just KNOW I can change the world. Well, maybe I cannot change the whole world, but I do think I can have some positive effect on these kids.

The kids are out of school. They are swimming every day. We have one more swim meet, and then swim team is over for the summer. It is fun, but a lot of work, and making 18 ribbons a week is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just wanted to say a quick hello.