Friday, December 29, 2006

The fifth day

On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa brought to us... 5 mp3 players

(4 types of pretzels, 3 lost socks, 2 running shoes, and an x-box game just for me.)

Yes, five different people at our Christmas celebration got mp3 players. My oldest son (11 years old) asked for one to tune out his younger siblings. My older sister and I got our nephew one because both our boys were getting them. Another nephew, a niece, and my sister also got them.

Since mine is being replaced by Creative Labs (talk about great customer service!) I have been borrowing my son's to go running. It is great. He got the new tiny ipod shuffle. Mine is bigger and heavier, although it has many more features.

I will get back in the studio tomorrow. I promise. Did I mention I got new shelves for it and I have been sorting fabric? I have more than I thought. I need to make it useful!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

4th Day of Christmas

My sister brought to me...
4 different kinds of pretzels dipped in chocolate
3 leftover socks
2 running shoes
and an X-box game just for me....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

12 Days of Christmas

Ala Dorothy...

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

3 leftover socks
2 running shoes with insoles
and a X-Box game just for me (Dance Dance Revolution!)

Very Quickly

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Last week, I hosted 3 soldiers (my brother-in-law and two of his men) who were up here for laser eye surgery before going back to Iraq in a couple of months. Apparently eyeglasses and war do not go well together. (By the way, they really encouraged me in the Quilts of Valor area, so now I have even more motivation.) We had 12 extra people in our house for Christmas. It was a blast, but very busy. We had a family picture made with all 18 of us on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning was delightful with 10 kids and 8 adults.

Back to getting the house back in order. There are lots of dirty sheets and towels.

About the Quilts of Valor project, the soldiers said it was nice to know that the people at home had their backs. They were touched that strangers would work so hard to make something to comfort a soldier in his/her time of need.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas at Our House

Christmastime has come to our house. We were a little slow getting around to it this year, but the tree is now up and decorated. Most of the Nativities are out. And the stockings have been found, but not yet hung.

Here is a Nativity I got in one of those White Elephant swaps one year.

This Nativity, a good friend from grad school slip cast and glazed for me. It even has a little drummer boy, because I could not convince my dad that I needed the little drummer boy for my large set to which my parents were adding a piece or two every year.

And here is the one my parents have been buying me slowly. My two year old has decided they needed to perform "A Chorus Line." They have been singing and dancing all day, mostly to a mix of "Jingle Bells" and the alphabet.

I also have some pieces from the Department 56 Dickens Village. The Nativity my friend made fits right in, as though it is display in the village. I have more pieces, but my mantle is not big enough. They are spread throughout the house, on any high enough surface.

Our tree is they typical family tree with ornaments the kids made and other various ornaments we have collected all our lives. I am expecting a box from Browners under my tree with Sam's first Christmas ornament. That is my mom's job.

And finally... the most annoying Christmas decoration ever... And to think I was in Hallmark today and declined to buy this year's version...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Where has the time gone?

That is a good question. I don't think I have anything to show for the last two weeks. It has been a time of just keeping my head above water. My husband was out of town for a couple of days, and that was crazy.

We did get a new kitchen table and chairs this week. I went to Ikea last week to scope things out. I figure with 4 kids, we don't need a $3000+ kitchen set. My kitchen table is used for painting, playdough, cutting and pasting, etc. more than for eating. So I decided semi-disposable was the way to go. I took Dave back on Thursday, and he brought home the table and eight chairs. Since it is wood, it added to the log cabin look in our kitchen. I have decided to wait until after the holidays to redo the kitchen. It was just too much stress in an already busy time.

Monday I am going outlet shopping. I hope to find Christmas table cloths for both the dining room and kitchen tables. The dining room table is an odd size, and the only table cloth that I have that fits it correctly was made from a sheet by my mother, probably 40 years ago. (Can you imagine that a white table cloth has lasted that long?) I also need Christmas presents for a number of people. I am just not very organized this year.

I did manage to get baby announcements sent this week. I had visions of doing something artsy and wonderful, ala Debra's Christmas booklets last year. (I was going to link to the post from last year, but I cannot find her archives. Suffice it to say, in true Debra style, these were wonderful!) Ha Ha Ha! We went with some from Target that could go through the computer printer. This week I am going to do the Christmas cards, which are from Hallmark, and not so artsy, either. I just need to get a decent picture of the kids. I tried at the aquarium a couple of weeks ago. However, in the ones the kids look good, the Belugas are no where in sight and it looks like the kids are standing in front of an empty tank of water. In the ones with the whales, the kids are looking the wrong way because, well, there are whales behind them that they want to see. I may morph two pictures together. You know, cut the whales out of one and add them to the good one of the kids.

On the quilting front, I did draw out the first in the series of family values political quilts that I have planned. I also made a list of themes for 3 more in the series. I am very jazzed about these quilts that will probably hang no where but my house.

My friend Becca will have a quilt in the Houston show next year. Check out her blog to see her wonderful seashore quilt. I love that crab. Also, when you read about her communications volunteer work, that was my job last year, but she has taken it to the next level. So far, my volunteering this year has consisted of baking some cookies and reading to the class twice.

That is all from here. Now I am going to go make tyvek snowflakes with the kids to hang on the back porch.