Friday, May 18, 2007

Kindergarten Program

I went to Ed's kindergarten program today. It was cute. He is not really into doing a bunch of singing and dancing. So he sang some of the songs and did some of the hand motions. He really got into the Spanish songs for some reason. He was standing next to a hyperactive kid, so it made Ed look even less interested because that kid was really singing and motioning. (Even when they were supposed to be still...) Anyway, after the program we got to go back to the classroom and see the books they had written and had bound. They were cute. Each book had a page for everyone who reads the book to sign. It was obvious which parents had older kids in the school because they knew to wander around the classroom and sign everyone's books. Since I had a baby and a two year old with me, I didn't make it around the classroom.

I thought I would share what he wrote about me for Mother's Day. There was a breakfast at school last Friday for the moms. Each mom was given their kid's answers to the prompts.

My mom's favorite color is green.
My mom's favorite food is chicken.
My mom is 37 years old.
My mom wears her favorite clothes when she goes out to eat.
When I am at school, my mom likes to feed the baby.
I love it when my mom cooks a steak for me.
My mom is happiest when she goes to the beach.
I know my mom loves me because I was after Alex, my brother.

I don't quite understand the last one, and certainly my favorite food is not chicken. But I cook chicken all the time because it is easy and on sale a lot. So I can see where he gets that. There were also pictures all over the classroom that the kids had colored of their moms' favorite activities. Ed said I like to play with Amy and Sam. A lot of moms were playing tennis or jogging in their pictures. One mom was sleeping, and we all thought that was a really good thing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seven Interesting Things

JenClair over at Bayou Quilts tagged me for the 7 interesting things about me meme. Ihave to say, this process was really hard for me. I am so totally normal. I am a suburban wife and mother. I am the typical soccer mom, down to the blue Ford Explorer with the soccer ball and school magnets on the back. And I have my yellow ribbon one, too. However, here is what I came up with...

1. I grew up in a planned community. Columbia, Maryland was planned by Jim Rouse in the 1960's. All the streets, shopping centers, schools, etc. were planned at the same time before the land was even bought. It was a wonderful place to grow up. People camped out overnight to be able to buy townhouses in the city. We had great schools. The population was very diverse. There are no church buildings in the city limits. The churches meet in "Interfaith Centers". These buildings have large rooms for church services, small chapels, classrooms for Sunday and Hebrew Schools, and offices for the church staffs. The one where my church met had a baptismal fount (is that the right word?) for the churches who did the full dunking for baptisms. We often had ecumenical services on religious holidays. Anyway, it was a cool place in which to grow up, and I miss it. Oh, and legend has it that Mr. Rouse, who attended my church, coined the term Mall in America. So the mall where I grew up is simply The Mall. By the way, Mr. Rouse designed the renovation of Faneuil Hall in Boston, the waterfront in Virginia Beach, Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and other places, too. The Rouse Company built the Nordstrom at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. My husband says you can literally watch the stress leave my body when I enter Nordstrom. I am transported back home.

2. I skipped class a few times in high school. (Anyone who knew me in high school who happened upon my blog is now saying, "WHAT??") My friend Norre (who now has an MD from Stanford) and I walked out after second period one day. When we were stopped by the assistant principal, we told him, as student government president and board of ed liaison, we were on our way to a meeting at the Board of Education. He actually got in his car and followed us. Luckily, once we turned into the parking lot, he went back to school, and we went on to the Mall. Emily, who graduated from Williams and is running charity operations in Georgia (of the former Soviet Union), and I walked out of calculus one day. We told the sub we were going to the library, but went and hung out on the pole vault mats for the rest of the day. I don't know why we weren't caught. That was the same day as the Howard County Scholars of Excellence (or some other such craziness) Night where we were both honored. I remember word getting around that Runyan and Reese had cut class that day. It was hysterical. It even made the senior edition of the school paper, The Bear Press. Reese and Runyan, Class Cutters Extraordinaire.

3. My favorite food is French Fries. There is nothing better than Boardwalk Fries. I have been trying to come up with excuses to go to Maryland to have fries since my parents moved a year and a half ago. I am not kidding you.

4. I got my first case of poison ivy three weeks ago. I have never had a reaction to the stuff before in my entire life. I know I have walked through it before. I spent a week clearing some area in our backyard for our new playground and got a little case of the stuff on my legs. It is nasty. I have since worked on getting the plants out of our yard. I will definitely be more careful in the future.

5. My best friends in all the world are my sisters. Though they don't live anywhere near me, I talk to at least one of them every day. I email with my younger sister at least 5 times a day. We vacation together almost every year. I am so glad that I have them.

6. My husband asked me to marry him three years to the day before our first son was born. There was a snow storm in Blacksburg the night before. He asked me to marry him on a playground. The night our son was born, there was no snow storm, and he was born in a hospital. I just think it is funny that the day was the same.

7. My husband and I have the same anniversary as my parents. Of course, they were married 28 years before us. But same day and same time.

Ok, that is it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not much

First, the christening picture was a huge hit. My sister-in-law had tears in her eyes. She told me where they were going to put it in the baby's room. It went over very well.

The quilt for the first communion gift was a big hit, too. When my niece opened it, she immediately wrapped herself up in it. She has been sleeping with it ever since. My mom said that everyone at the party ooh-ed and ahh-ed over it. So I am happy about that.

I threw a great brunch after the christening. I made coffee cake, muffins, and hash brown casserole. I served it on my good china with linen napkins. I put the juice in glass pitchers. I did a buffet with a set table. I didn't want people eating on their laps. I really think I did a bang up job. And everyone was appreciative.

Now that I am done patting myself on the back...

Last Thursday was my son's orchestra concert. It was wonderful. My brother-in-law received his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech the same night, so my husband was at that with our kindergarten child, and I went to the orchestra concert with our little people. I sat in the back right next to the exit thinking we wouldn't last very long. We lasted the entire hour. My two year old sat on the edge of her seat directing along with the director for the entire concert. (She had to sit on the edge, or the seat would fold up on her.) She really paid attention. And she recognized a couple of the songs from hearing her brother practice. The baby was mesmerized for the first half. He started to get loud after intermission, so I just fed him. It really was a wonderful evening. I wish I could buy a cd of it for my husband to hear. Another little girl was carried out of the concert kicking and screaming, and I wanted to stand up and say, "Alex, it isn't us. We are behaving back here!"

I have noticed in the past week that my kids are really growing up. The baby is now sitting on his own. He is also getting up on all fours and rocking as if he is ready to crawl. My two year old is really starting to show very appropriate behavior in many different settings. She was great at the christening, too. My six year old has become extremely coordinated. His attention span is getting much longer. He can read just about anything, which has its good and bad points. His math skills are improving by leaps and bounds. My twelve year old, well, he is all preteen now. I am having to give him more independence. He can discuss things on an adult level. (And I think he is beginning to notice girls. Maybe.)

Soccer season is over after next weekend. We are hosting the U6 team party at our house. It should be great fun. We really do have a great group of kids and parents.

I have started getting calls for interviews for teaching positions for next year. I am excited and a little sad. I feel like an era in my life is over. But, I know it will be a good thing.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Christening Picture

I finished the christening picture last night. I need to get a frame and frame it today. For this picture, I just set it in this frame. I haven't decided what size frame to use. Well see. I blocked the baby's name out. The printing is done on ExtravOrganza, which is an organza that has been treated for printing on an ink jet printer. I used Misty Fuse to fuse it to the base. The blues were all pieced. I quilted parts of it with a Sulky silver thread that I have been wanting to use for a long time. All of those products came from my fun visit to Fiber on a Whim yesterday. (I got to go without children for a change.) Anyway, this is to go with a silver plated bunny bank that will have a little cash in it. I hope this gift is appropriate. I am over this whole thing. I have been cleaning like crazy for a week, and I am tired of it. (What do boys do to their bathrooms to make them so gross?)