Friday, May 18, 2007

Kindergarten Program

I went to Ed's kindergarten program today. It was cute. He is not really into doing a bunch of singing and dancing. So he sang some of the songs and did some of the hand motions. He really got into the Spanish songs for some reason. He was standing next to a hyperactive kid, so it made Ed look even less interested because that kid was really singing and motioning. (Even when they were supposed to be still...) Anyway, after the program we got to go back to the classroom and see the books they had written and had bound. They were cute. Each book had a page for everyone who reads the book to sign. It was obvious which parents had older kids in the school because they knew to wander around the classroom and sign everyone's books. Since I had a baby and a two year old with me, I didn't make it around the classroom.

I thought I would share what he wrote about me for Mother's Day. There was a breakfast at school last Friday for the moms. Each mom was given their kid's answers to the prompts.

My mom's favorite color is green.
My mom's favorite food is chicken.
My mom is 37 years old.
My mom wears her favorite clothes when she goes out to eat.
When I am at school, my mom likes to feed the baby.
I love it when my mom cooks a steak for me.
My mom is happiest when she goes to the beach.
I know my mom loves me because I was after Alex, my brother.

I don't quite understand the last one, and certainly my favorite food is not chicken. But I cook chicken all the time because it is easy and on sale a lot. So I can see where he gets that. There were also pictures all over the classroom that the kids had colored of their moms' favorite activities. Ed said I like to play with Amy and Sam. A lot of moms were playing tennis or jogging in their pictures. One mom was sleeping, and we all thought that was a really good thing.


Rian said...

That's very sweet. You gonna take the hint and cook a steak for him?

Debra Spincic said...

I always love to see these kinds of things from kids and wonder where in the world they got their ideas!

BTW, watch for a box. I had a few barely worn items I thought you could use for school. I also realized I would never be able to eat all the cereal for the odometers so sent what I had for you to decide what to do!

Teri said...

I remember attending my son's preschool concerts. All of the other kids would be singing and doing their hand gestures, and he would be leaning on something looking bored. Fun stuff.

Deb H said...

Very cute. I still have a few papers from my kids kindergarten years, & they are 30. 33, & 35 now!

Jane Ann said...

Sometimes #2 needs to be reassured he's special (esp. if #1 is the same gender). I used to tell my #2 that I loved her so much because I had already had a little girl whom I loved, so I knew I had to get me another. As she got older (even when she was expecting #2) I said that for me, with #1 it's a crapshoot--you haven't a clue what you're in for. But then she comes and you realize how wonderful it is to have a child. So when you choose to have #2, it's because you can't wait to love that much (even more, since you know what to expect) again. Maybe that's what Ed was expressing. Cute list.