Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We made it through the first meet. Our team won. Alex had three first place finishes and two third place finishes. The meet started with some excitement, but not in a good way. First, there was a huge thunderstorm right when warm-ups were supposed to start. Thunderstorms and swim meets do not mix. Then, a swim team mom fell and broke her ankle coming down the stairs to the pool. It was a compound fracture. We called 911, and they sent the fire truck. The fire truck sent for the rescue truck because they needed paramedics. They then called for an ambulance because Cobb County Fire Department does not do patient transport right now. (They are working on changing that, though.) Meanwhile, an older gentleman in his great big caddie sideswiped the fire truck. So, two police cruisers came to take care of the accident. Now, at this point, no one is in the water because it has thundered in the past 20 minutes. We finally started the meet about 30 minutes late. We didn't get home until almost 11. I was exhausted. My plan to run this morning didn't happen. However, I will go tomorrow.

Ed made the academy soccer squad. Yea!! (I think I am happy about it. It is a big commitment.)

Tomorrow is my last day of work until August. That I KNOW I am happy about. Friday I need to shop for a dress to wear to the wedding on Sunday. I also need to shop for a new "Mom Bag." I looked today at the Flashy Frog, but nothing was quite what I wanted. So off to Casabella Friday. Or tomorrow. But probably Friday. I like shopping in local shops. (So please don't tell me Casabella is a chain...)

Monday, May 25, 2009

On tap for this week

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday--Work. Ugh. Although these are days we can go out to lunch, which is rare for teachers. And we can never come up with anywhere good to go!

Tuesday evening--swim meet Alex and Jules, soccer try-outs Ed and Dave, little kids home with Unkie

Wednesday evening--Jules dinner with Sheree (She was the person who guided me through the certification process the last two years.), soccer try-outs--Dave and Ed, little kids home with Alex (I will owe him big.)

Thursday evening--tennis practice--Dave

Friday afternoon--lunch with Patricia

Saturday morning--Dave tennis

Sunday--Dave and Jules attend wedding

Studio work--Owen's quilt, sew strips together for AIDS project

Keep walking every day. Keep doing yoga every day. No eating fast food all week.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

One more thing

I think I have mentioned in the past that I have a fear of parking. Not driving. Not driving in Atlanta rush hour traffic. Not sitting on South Cobb Drive when Lockheed lets out. I have a fear of parking. So I try to get everywhere early. I got to graduation so early today that the graduation before ours was still letting out, and I couldn't go in to park. So I went to Red Hen Fabrics. I got a book by Valori Wells. I am very excited about it because it has lots of circles. YEA!!


Today was graduation, the last time I will see most of the students I had this year. It is a little sad, but more happy. These kids are going places. My refrain has been, "I expect great things." And they take it seriously.

Tomorrow I will start on the t-shirt quilt. I hope to get it done this week. That may be wishful thinking, though, as I have to work three days this week. But I would love to get it done by next Sunday.

Academy soccer tryouts are this week. I am such a laid back kind of soccer mom that the whole academy things is scaring me a little. But Dave will still be one of the coaches, so I guess it will be ok.

The first swim meet with the new team is this week. I will be scoring the meet. I hope I remember how to do that! Alex is swimming. Ed will be at soccer tryouts.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chimney Repairs and Trees Gone

Our chimneys both need new caps and pans. It is an expensive fix. But, with the drought over, we need to be protected from the rain.

We had 4 trees taken out today. They were all touching the house. We had them trimmed last year, but they grew back, as trees do. So now they are gone. I think the house looks better, and I can see the play ground area from the back deck. We do have to plant something new in front of the house, but we have to wait for them to come back next week and grind the stumps.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today, let's see...

Today started time trials at swim team. Alex has a beautiful stroke thanks to a wonderful swim coach years ago. I often wonder where that coach is. I saw him a little over a year ago working at Trader Joe's. He was very important in Alex's life for a couple of years. I made this quilt for him when he quit coaching. (Bad picture, I know. And what a messy room we had.)

The boys are swimming for a team near our new house this year. I am getting to know new people. We are going to join the pool over here. It should make for an interesting summer. Sam is big enough for the floaty suit to work now. Amy is about ready to swim unassisted.

Plans for this summer include:
  • cleaning up and out the house
  • t-shirt quilt for a friend's son
  • AIDS quilt panel with Rebeca and Paula
  • AP Calculus BC course (courtesy of a nice scholarship from College Board)
  • time at the beach with my parents (my mom is having surgery next week, and I am going to go help my dad take care of her in a couple of weeks, my sisters are going next week)
  • join the AP English Lit class at Starbucks for a lit discussion (I will have most of these kids, too, next year)
Well, off to check on my little ones.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Isn't she lovely?

Here she is at her first ballet recital. She signed herself up for the class at the beginning of the school year. And she had so much fun. She even got to do tap, which I never did. It was so fun to watch them dance. I love being a ballet mom. (And I learned how to put her hair in a bun. It wasn't easy, but I did it!)

The school year is winding down. I have three days of school and then three days of post planning next week. Then it is swim team for four weeks, and then hopefully a long trip to the beach. However, we have to be back in time for soccer camp, and for the Milan vs. US game at the Georgia Dome.