Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today, let's see...

Today started time trials at swim team. Alex has a beautiful stroke thanks to a wonderful swim coach years ago. I often wonder where that coach is. I saw him a little over a year ago working at Trader Joe's. He was very important in Alex's life for a couple of years. I made this quilt for him when he quit coaching. (Bad picture, I know. And what a messy room we had.)

The boys are swimming for a team near our new house this year. I am getting to know new people. We are going to join the pool over here. It should make for an interesting summer. Sam is big enough for the floaty suit to work now. Amy is about ready to swim unassisted.

Plans for this summer include:
  • cleaning up and out the house
  • t-shirt quilt for a friend's son
  • AIDS quilt panel with Rebeca and Paula
  • AP Calculus BC course (courtesy of a nice scholarship from College Board)
  • time at the beach with my parents (my mom is having surgery next week, and I am going to go help my dad take care of her in a couple of weeks, my sisters are going next week)
  • join the AP English Lit class at Starbucks for a lit discussion (I will have most of these kids, too, next year)
Well, off to check on my little ones.

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