Monday, May 25, 2009

On tap for this week

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday--Work. Ugh. Although these are days we can go out to lunch, which is rare for teachers. And we can never come up with anywhere good to go!

Tuesday evening--swim meet Alex and Jules, soccer try-outs Ed and Dave, little kids home with Unkie

Wednesday evening--Jules dinner with Sheree (She was the person who guided me through the certification process the last two years.), soccer try-outs--Dave and Ed, little kids home with Alex (I will owe him big.)

Thursday evening--tennis practice--Dave

Friday afternoon--lunch with Patricia

Saturday morning--Dave tennis

Sunday--Dave and Jules attend wedding

Studio work--Owen's quilt, sew strips together for AIDS project

Keep walking every day. Keep doing yoga every day. No eating fast food all week.


jenclair said...

OMG--what it is to be young! I can no more imagine keeping up with this kind of schedule any more than I can fly!

You go, girl!

Rian said...

Good girl. Especially that last one. (PS that's a heck of a schedule!)