Saturday, January 12, 2008

9 x 12 Round Robin

Fiber Art Fusion is having a 9 x 12 Round Robin. 12 of us created a 9 x 12 base from which to start. Each month it visits a new person. That person will embellish the piece. The next month it will move on to the next person. Next January, we will have our finished pieces. It should be a lot of fun. I won't get to post pictures in progress, though, because we are trying to keep them a secret from their original owner. So here is mine at the beginning. We'll see what we get in a year...
I made this little journal to travel with the piece so people could write their thoughts.

Amazing Race Birthday Party

Today, my Ed turned seven years old. Wow. That is hard to believe. He is my second child. (My first will be 13 in a couple of month. How did that happen?) We had 5 of his friends over for a birthday party today. We did our own Amazing Race. Each child was given a Magic Tree House reference book about space, and a map of the house with different rooms labeled the names of the planets, Pluto, and the Moon. (Some of the planets were outside, too.) Anyway, they were given clues and had to figure out using their books which planet they were supposed to visit next. Some of the planets had tasks for them to do, like bowl three frames of Wii bowling, or do 10 sit-ups. They all had a blast. One of the teams could read much better than the other teams, and they won. I did follow one team around so I could help them with their reading. But really, they all had a lot of fun. And, of course, no one was ready to leave when their mom came. And one mom said, "Leave it to Julie to have a birthday party game that requires reading!"

Here is a picture of my kids a the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It is 2008

Wow. I cannot believe it is 2008. I started thinking of my accomplishments of 2007, and I think I had a decent year. I sold a house, got a job, got accepted into a teacher certification program, and had two quilts hang in shows for the first time ever. I made it through my first semester of teaching high school, and had the highest End of Course Test average of all of the Algebra I teachers in my school. I also sent out Christmas cards this year, which I never managed to do last year. (Well, they went out yesterday, so I guess they are New Years cards.)

This year my goal is to be more organized. I hope I can manage it.

Happy New Year!