Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Ok, I was having flashbacks to elementary school. We used to listen to Queen during art class. So, sometimes, when I am in an artistic mood, Queen pops into my head. Please, no one diss Mr. Green for letting us listen to what might could be objectionable music in art class. He was one of the best art teachers ever. I went to elementary school in the late 70's, and that just about says it all. My third grade teacher drove a VW Van. Avocado Green. By the way, my youngest sings "We Will Rock You" all the time, but doesn't quite make the segway to "We Are the Champions".

Anyway, back to the present time, I finished this quilt the other evening. It is a Halloween Baby quilt. The pattern is "Stars in His Eyes" by Becky of Quiltpox. I started it a year ago, made it through the quilting, but not the binding. I am so happy it is done and ready to be packed for the hospital.

I did live through the last back to school night for the year last night. I think maybe I should refrain from going out in public because I spent a lot of the time writing snarky notes to my husband about different things that were going on. I would give you examples, but I am afraid someone I know might read this blog and the comments were not fit for public consumption. Suffice it to say that my son will have a good school year, and if I have to supplement the Social Studies curriculum A LOT, then so be it. Just think, one year, in the not so distant future, I will have four of these to attend! Oh, and my guess is I am not the only one who rolls her eyes at some of the things people ask. By the way, college admissions people never see your middle school transcripts. Really, they don't. They just want you to get your act together by high school. (And I am one of the nuttier moms who thinks her child has a great shot at Yale, even though his dad and I didn't go there.) Anyway, I am becoming more and more antisocial. And I wasn't that social in the first place...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Birthday Presents

I made this bag for my sister-in-law for her birthday. There are two in the picture because the bag is completely reversible and I made myself an identical one. The pattern is the Chelsea Tote by Amy Butler. I have adored her fabric on her patterns for years, but never found any in a shop. Well, Fiber on a Whim to the rescue. I LOVE that place. Anyway, the fabrics on the tote bags are also Amy Butler. I used YLI invisible thread, and I just loved it. My old Bernina 830 did not have a problem with it at all. I only used it for the top thread, though, not in the bobbin.

I did have to buy a new iron in order to make the totes because my old one bit the dust. It was 18 years old almost to the day and just wouldn't stay hot. So I went to Wal Mart and got the same brand. I love a heavy iron, so I bought the heaviest one I could find in that brand. I also need the auto-off setting. I know most quilters don't like the auto-off, but I do. I have an irrational fear of fire, so the auto-off keeps me from driving back and checking the iron more than once.

Ok, I am off to Back to School Night. Is anyone else tired of these? Or am I the only one who reads this blog who still has these to go to for the next 18 years? It is enough to make me want to home school, Tracey!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's Done! Hurray!

The red, black and white quilt is DONE! I finished stitching down the binding at the Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Arts Alliance meeting last night. Now to get the swim team to sign it, and give it to the coach. When my husband saw it last night he said, "I didn't know you loved Coach Ben this much." I think that was meant as a compliment. Here it is in all its glory. I especially love the red binding. I had fun quilting the spirals using black and white varigated thread. I love varigated thread.

Last night we had guild at Fiber on a Whim. I LOVE that store and will someday spend money there. It is just that after the meeting, I was so tired that I was afraid to try to shop. However, once school starts next week, I will be making a trip there for some Angelina fibers and some Misty Fuse. That Misty Fuse stuff is so cool. The meeting last night was about how to use all these cool products such as Misty Fuse and Angelina Fibers. I thought the Angelina would be great for mermaid hair...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Back from Vacation

I am back from a week at the beach with my family. I saw both my sisters and their kids. And, of course, my parents, who are looking very tan and fit from living in Florida.

I went to a cute quilt shop in Port Saint Lucie, whose name is escaping me at the moment. It is right on Route 1. I picked up a cute purse pattern designed by Kimura in Jensen Beach, Florida.

I have been seriously unpacking this week. I got my cookbooks unpacked and shelved. I am a cookbook fanatic, so there were lots of them to put away. I also rearranged the kids' playroom and family room in the basement so both are more usable. I set up a huge table on one side of the family room for crafting. It doubles as a great place to baste quilts.

Tomorrow starts the tax holiday weekend in Georgia, so I will take the kids to get their school supplies. I love school supply shopping. I am also going to get some arts and crafts stuff for the craft table in the basement.

It is strange to be starting a new school year in a new place. I used to know everyone and was very involved. Now I don't know very many people, although the ones I know are the very involved ones because I met them a PTA Council events. I do plan to take a step back this year. Last year I edited both the weekly and quarterly newsletter for my son's school. While it was very time consuming, I did know everything that was going on. I also had a good relationship with most of the teachers and all the administration of the school. Now I am starting fresh in two schools. However, with children who need gifted services, it does not take long to get to know the staff and administration of a school. Excellent gifted services is one of the key reasons my children are in public school.

I have started collecting my "afterschooling" curriculum. (I have a friend who homeschools and she made up that term for me...) Today I picked up the new kids' version of Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss. I loved the adult version of the book and saw this one on The Today Show yesterday. I looked at a couple of other things at Borders, but didn't find anything that impressed me. Next week, I will go to the teacher supply store to see what I can find. I want to do a lot with oceans and marine life since we have season passes to the aquarium. I also want to find some things on energy since my kids loved visiting the nuclear plant in Port Saint Lucie. My oldest was won over by nuclear power. So Debra, if you are reading this, can you point me to some interesting things about oil and petroleum since I know you are connected to that industry?

Rian's peach crisp is in the oven as I type. I found Georgia peaches in the grocery this week, so I am making it. Living in Georgia, I feel weird using California peaches...

Debra posted some beautiful Quilts of Valor that she and her mom have worked on. It is such a worthwhile project, and one that will go on for some time, I am sure. Check out what she did.

Tracey has been canning, which I have never done. My mom used to, though. I am hoping to get to Little Quilts for some repro fabrics to bribe her for some blackberry syrup and preserves...