Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We made it through the first meet. Our team won. Alex had three first place finishes and two third place finishes. The meet started with some excitement, but not in a good way. First, there was a huge thunderstorm right when warm-ups were supposed to start. Thunderstorms and swim meets do not mix. Then, a swim team mom fell and broke her ankle coming down the stairs to the pool. It was a compound fracture. We called 911, and they sent the fire truck. The fire truck sent for the rescue truck because they needed paramedics. They then called for an ambulance because Cobb County Fire Department does not do patient transport right now. (They are working on changing that, though.) Meanwhile, an older gentleman in his great big caddie sideswiped the fire truck. So, two police cruisers came to take care of the accident. Now, at this point, no one is in the water because it has thundered in the past 20 minutes. We finally started the meet about 30 minutes late. We didn't get home until almost 11. I was exhausted. My plan to run this morning didn't happen. However, I will go tomorrow.

Ed made the academy soccer squad. Yea!! (I think I am happy about it. It is a big commitment.)

Tomorrow is my last day of work until August. That I KNOW I am happy about. Friday I need to shop for a dress to wear to the wedding on Sunday. I also need to shop for a new "Mom Bag." I looked today at the Flashy Frog, but nothing was quite what I wanted. So off to Casabella Friday. Or tomorrow. But probably Friday. I like shopping in local shops. (So please don't tell me Casabella is a chain...)

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