Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas at Our House

Christmastime has come to our house. We were a little slow getting around to it this year, but the tree is now up and decorated. Most of the Nativities are out. And the stockings have been found, but not yet hung.

Here is a Nativity I got in one of those White Elephant swaps one year.

This Nativity, a good friend from grad school slip cast and glazed for me. It even has a little drummer boy, because I could not convince my dad that I needed the little drummer boy for my large set to which my parents were adding a piece or two every year.

And here is the one my parents have been buying me slowly. My two year old has decided they needed to perform "A Chorus Line." They have been singing and dancing all day, mostly to a mix of "Jingle Bells" and the alphabet.

I also have some pieces from the Department 56 Dickens Village. The Nativity my friend made fits right in, as though it is display in the village. I have more pieces, but my mantle is not big enough. They are spread throughout the house, on any high enough surface.

Our tree is they typical family tree with ornaments the kids made and other various ornaments we have collected all our lives. I am expecting a box from Browners under my tree with Sam's first Christmas ornament. That is my mom's job.

And finally... the most annoying Christmas decoration ever... And to think I was in Hallmark today and declined to buy this year's version...


Debra Spincic said...

I have those snowpeople and I like them! but I never turn them on!

Looks very kid Christmassy around your house!

Kay said...

Charming nativities. It's interesting how many people talk about the way their children have played with them over the years.

Rian said...

I like your nativities! I never had a set so I'm always intrigued by the many, many renditions of them.