Friday, December 29, 2006

The fifth day

On the fifth day of Christmas, Santa brought to us... 5 mp3 players

(4 types of pretzels, 3 lost socks, 2 running shoes, and an x-box game just for me.)

Yes, five different people at our Christmas celebration got mp3 players. My oldest son (11 years old) asked for one to tune out his younger siblings. My older sister and I got our nephew one because both our boys were getting them. Another nephew, a niece, and my sister also got them.

Since mine is being replaced by Creative Labs (talk about great customer service!) I have been borrowing my son's to go running. It is great. He got the new tiny ipod shuffle. Mine is bigger and heavier, although it has many more features.

I will get back in the studio tomorrow. I promise. Did I mention I got new shelves for it and I have been sorting fabric? I have more than I thought. I need to make it useful!


Faith said...

Hello Jules I loved reading your blogs Id like to wish you and your family A Happy New Year too. Im off to see my parents and to take some pictures with my new second hand digital camera so that I can show everyone the handmade tit bits ive been making for family and freinds which included some little quilted bits. Have fun and get quilting!

Debra Spincic said...

It is so inspiring to see you active and running! you Rock!

jenclair said...

New shelves! Wonderful! Won't it be nice when you have everything organized? Before you get busy on that next project, take the time to enjoy the way it all looks - nice and neat on your new shelves.

Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

Hi Julie! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!
Sharon and all of the Ahmeds