Monday, January 01, 2007

Whoops! I got a little behind and the Influences of Laura Cater-Woods

On the eighth day of Christmas I gave to myself...
8 glasses of water
7 football games
6 garbage bags (stole this from Dorothy)
5 MP3 players
4 pretzels
3 lost socks
2 running shoes
and an X Box game just for me

And now football is on again. My teams have not been doing well this weekend, but I am used to that. Virginia Tech did not get good until after I had left. And I never really got into Georgia Tech football when I was there. But I watch the games, somewhat, while I am doing other stuff. I am looking forward to the Ohio State-Florida game. My generation is the first not to attend Ohio State, so I grew up watching Ohio State football. You just can't get that Big Ten football out of your life.

My sewing room is almost all put together. My parents brought me their old stereo, which they replaced, so I can listen to cds. I do use my MP3 player while sewing, but not while the little ones are in there with me.

Speaking of my sewing room, you all are going to think I drank the Laura Cater-Woods Koolaide. She spoke of having her daughter in her studio with her. I have always thought of my studio time as my own, and therefore I don't get much. Now I am setting it up so the kids can be in there with me and entertained and safe. I am putting a small table in there for my 2 year old to do her crafts. The stereo will have "Free to be You and Me" in it, along with classical and popular music. There is room for the baby to play on his quilt, or swing in the portable swing, or, when he gets bigger, play in the exersaucer graciously given to me by Becca. And, I will have my grandmother's Singer Touch N Sew set up for the boys to use. They like to make pillowcases and easy straight line stuff.

I also carried this "kids with me" attitude a little further. We got the little kid version of Dance Dance Revolution from the Discovery Channel Store for Christmas, so the kids can play with me. Whenever I exercise, they want the same equipment, etc. I also got two extra yoga mats. And, my oldest is running with me a couple days a week, because he never gets time alone with me because he is the last home from school.

I have been under the weather for the past couple of days, but I think I am on the upswing. Got to grab a glass of water and back to football.


Jane Ann said...

You're a good mother. Do you think you'll get anything done?

Please post pictures when you get your new sewing room/studio set up. Inquiring minds wanna know!

Deb Geyer said...

Sounds good- I put my daughter's doll house up in my sewing room and she will spend hours in there with me happily playing with all her little characters.

For some reason my two teenage boys have no interest in spending time in my sewing room!!

Debra Spincic said...

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I think having your kids in your studio is a great idea. I learned to sew because my bedroom was always the sewing room too (I grew up when 3 bedrooms was the max a house had so mine was the biggest and had the sewing stuff in it).

Dorothy said...

You stole my garbage? You missed a bag, should I mail it? ;o)

Daniel loves to help when I sew, though his idea of helping, and MY idea of helping are about as similar as Homer Simpson and Martha Stewart.

Kay said...

When my kids were little my sewing room was a closet, so I couldn't have them with me. I had to change to handwork for that period and did it in the family and living room. I did lots of embroidery and knitting. You're lucky you can make this arrangement, and it should actually work out quite well for everyone. Sounds like fun. Good luck.

My Brain on Quilts said...

Okay, so drinking Laura Cater-Woods Koolaid is a good thing -- I hope, cuz I guzzled the stuff and it's dripping down my shirt!

Lucky kids you have. I tend to separate my art from theirs. Although the kitchen table is not far from the studio, it's so hazardous in mine I keep them at a safe distance.

Hope you feel better.

Jeri said...

you are a clever mom! and I think you're probably the one who can pull this off. great idea!