Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I have been working on the children's quilts for the 40 Quilts Challenge. I am making 112 4 1/2 inch nine patches. I spent the last two days cutting the stripes, sewing them together, and pressing them. This morning I sub-cut them. Then I sorted all the pieces into baggies so they will be organized when I go sew them after lunch. (Or whenever the kids give me a chance.) My goal is to have them in the mail to the next sew-er on Friday. That's only 224 seams away! I also have all the setting squares cut. I need to cut the borders, still.

In other news in my life... I have now been running for 3 weeks, at least 4 times each week. I thought it would be boring. I thought I would hate it. Boy was I wrong. First of all, my mind is going a thousand miles a minute while I am out there running. (Not my feet, but my mind.) I certainly miss my friend Cheri, who I walked with at my old house. But I have found that I also enjoy the peace of just thinking my thoughts. I do listen to an MP3 player while running, mostly to keep me at a decent pace. So it really isn't boring, and I don't hate it. For this venture, I did invest in the priciest shoes I have ever owned. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I wear them around the house a lot. Other than that, I haven't spent a dime. I wear old sweats and sweatshirts and t-shirts. I wore my "Top Ten Reasons to be a Materials Science Major at Georgia Tech" the other day. My oldest thought it was really geeky. It is, for sure. I mean, there is a joke about the Griffith Crack Growth Theory on there. (Anyone else out there heard of the Griffith Crack growth Theory?) Anyway, after three weeks of this, I really think it is something I can keep up.

My mind has been thinking about wearable art lately. I would like to create something I can wear and my family will still be seen with me. Anyway, that is what will be on the drawing board. Nursing Mom is still on the design wall. I have to figure out where to go with her.

Check out my friend Heidi's blog. She has some great pictures she has been working on!


Debra Spincic said...

Just don't succumb to "Everyone in the Family Wearing Matching Shirts" Syndrome and you should be OK!

Keep on running!

Deb Geyer said...

Hey, Jules! Thanks for all the work on the kids' quilts. I'm sure they will enjoy them.

Good job with the running. And I have to ask, what is the crack growth theory?

Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

I love the "something I can wear and my family will still be seen with me" comment. I remember my brother and I giving my mom a hard time about her clothes. Luckily my son is not yet at that age, but it's not far off. It's great you are running consistently. Very impressive!

tracey said...

i'm so happy to hear that you have found running to be so calming. people think i'm a bit strange when i say the same thing. like you, i find that i can work out/thru so many things that are constantly jumping around in my head. once i get done with my mileage for the day, i'm usually closer to a solution. plus, i burned a few calories! see, it a win/win situation! :o)

Kay said...

What an enjoyable post--I will just pick the running part to comment on: Exercise is supposed to free the creative part of the brain, and I've found that to be true usually. Seems to be working for you.

As for art clothes you can wear, I think the secret is to keep the value range small: all medium, all dark, etc. Otherwise it looks like wall paper!