Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hello, again

I was so happy to see how many people took the time to comment on my last post. I have many friends who never nursed, and I had no idea that so many people did. So thank you for the support.

I am working on the 40 Quilts for the Quilt Studio charity event. I have started making a list of what I really want to make. And I am trying to finish up UFO's in between. I have two quilts ready for binding. I have fewer UFO's than I thought I did. And I certainly need to do some fish pieces!

Ok, just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking. I might get the Christmas cards sent this week. I have decided to save the cards I bought for next year and just send the picture of the kids with a letter. You think that's ok?


The Calico Cat said...

Sure - that is very o.k.

Jane Ann said...

Not just okay--it's excellent. What a gorgeous brood you have. Every one of them is as bright as a new penny!

Debra Spincic said...

Who needs a Christmas card when they can look at those cute kids?

Jeri said...

good grief - yes! the pic and letter (or even the cards!) would be just fine - can't imagine anyone being critical about you sending them late!!! what a lovely group of children you have. :)