Saturday, May 06, 2006

To See What I Did

To see how I spent Friday, check out my friend Rebecca's blog. She does some incredible work, and she is starting a new guild this week. I am going to my first guild meeting ever. I had a blast with Sharon and Rebecca on Friday. I hope we can get together to experiment on a regular basis. I would never think to do these things on my own, but with those two, I think I may get more adventurous.

My son had middle school orientation this week. Boy did that make me feel old. However, he is very excited about it, and has started wearing his middle school t-shirt. He is already talking about what activities he wants to do including art club, the school paper, and band. Did my middle school even have a paper? I don't remember. We did have a band.

Until next time...

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Rian said...

...with those two, I think I may get more adventurous.

I think The Universe is trying to tell you to get more adventurous.