Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WIP Wednesday on time

I have been working on my knitting. I tried the purl stitch. My first row looked awful. My second row looked a little better. I am going to try again tonight, I think.

Yesterday, inspired by Amy, I decided to work on a rag quilt. I have never made one before, but I bought this kit 5 years ago from The Unique Spool. I thought it would make a nice thank you gift for my brother-in-law and his wife for all the help they gave us while I was in the hospital. And, since I bought it so long ago and am using batting scraps, it is like it is free, except my time. (I feel my time is actually worth money, just like if I had a paying job. I think it is from billing time as an engineer when I was working.) I got all the pieces cut and layered yesterday. I hope to get all the X's sewn today and the pieces all laid out.

I did go out in the rain and vote yesterday. The kids had the day off school. I took the two youngest with me to vote. Thank goodness we didn't have long lines because both of them were fussy by the time I was done. I just wanted to let you know I did vote. I did not, however, do any of my other errands. I will do them today without rain.


Anonymous said...

NEAT! I can't wait to see your furry rag quilt. (Don't forget the laundromat tip! Your washer & your dryer will thank you in the morning. Not to mention your husband...)

debraspincic said...

Are all the prints animal prints? That should be an interesting quilt!

Anonymous said...

I am completely amazed that you can find the time to do anything, quilting or blogging with a new baby in the house. You must be a bundle of energy!

A rag quilt is a great way to use those fun prints. I'm working on one right now too, but can't show because it's a surprise for someone who reads me daily!