Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Monday

Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying being home for the summer? I really enjoyed teaching, but I am having fun relaxing with my kids, too. And I found the Natural Market today which has the mother lode of gluten free food. Even chicken nuggets. Yipee!

First some beach pictures...
Here is Sam on the beach his first day. He is running from the ocean. By the end of the two weeks he was running towards the ocean.

Amy loved the ocean from minute one. She loves boogie boarding and being out with the big kids, hence the life jacket.

This is Ed and his sand Sphinx. (I bought the chicken and salt for the chicken mummy today...)

Alex and his sand structure.

So before noon today, I managed to run two miles (well, I probably walked about 2/3 of a mile during it,) drop off a check at the sitter's, go to the bank, go to two grocery stores, and feed everyone lunch. This afternoon, the other calculus teacher came over and we set up a time line for the course. And now I am thinking about dinner. What should we have?

Oh, and if anyone runs, can you please tell me, am I going to start loving it soon? I did use the time to think about a lot of things. I had a little panic attack about calculus, but I am now over it. (It comes back, though, every once in a while.)

The part that makes me the most nervous about teaching is finding a way to fit everything in before the test. In Georgia, End Of Course Tests are given with about two weeks left in the semester. Considering the semester is 18 weeks long, and we lose about a week to other school activities, I have 15 weeks to teach 12 chapters of Geometry or Algebra I or whatever before that EOCT. We teach calculus year round, so I do have plenty of time for it. We plan to finish new material before spring break, and take the time after spring break to review for the early May AP (Advanced Placement) Exam. In geometry, I have to do a section a day to have any hope of keeping up. In calculus, I can take a couple of days per section and still have plenty of time to review. I am feeling better about it every day.

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