Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicken Mummy Day 1

Here is our chicken mummy on day 1. I hope this works and doesn't just make a smelly mess. So far, we washed him, put him in a plastic bag, and covered and filled him with salt. Then we washed our hands really well. Ed, Amy, and Sam are involved so far. I think Alex will get in on it before the end.

Next step in our history study is to put a time line up. I am trying to figure out the best place. I think we will use the upstairs hallway. If anyone has done this, please let me know how long your time line was, and if you did all time on it, or divided it up by what you were studying. I know I cannot put Big Bang on one end and today on the other and just divide time because everything would happen in the last few inches. I was thinking of starting around 7000 BC and going to now, and put an arrow on the end saying 5 miles to the beginning of time or something like that. Any opinions?


The Calico Cat said...

This is a whole new "idea" for me...


What the heck is a chicken mummy?
(Do I want to know?)

Margaret said...

Funny! Other cool science experiments for kidlets: How about making rock candy (strong sugar to hot water ratio, tie string on a pencil, perch pencil across the opening of cup or jar and submerge long end of string in water evaporates, the most beautiful crystals form on the string...edible, too, if you are so inclined). Or putting a cleaned chicken bone (leg works well)in a jar of coke and another in a jar of vinegar. Wild outcome about 24-48 hours later. One bone is brittle and breaks instantly. The other is as piable as rubber. I'll let you find out which is which.

Anonymous said...

This is not a project I would be keen to take on. ewwwww.