Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fractured Quilt

Last night at Fiber Art Fusion, we had a new member. He has just moved here from Northern California. (He told me the town, and now I can only remember that it was 2 hours north of San Francisco.) Anyway, he and I were talking about doing a fractured quilt. So if any of you Fiber Art Fusion ladies are reading this, think about it. He said we could just do one with the two of us if no one else is interested.

One of the things I teach in geometry and algebra is proportions. To hook the kids on the first day, I do a fractured artwork piece with them. This first one is of a Picasso. It was done by my Algebra I students.

This second one was done by my geometry students. It is an Ellis Wilson print.


javamamma said...

Those are totally cool!

jenclair said...

I agree!

Debra said...

very neat and could become quilts too!

Kay said...

Aren't these great!