Sunday, November 09, 2008

This Week...

Sunday: Georgia Shrimp with gluten free past, gluten free home made bread (a first), salad
Monday: Hamburgers on the grill (local beef), salad
Tuesday: Free Range Chicken in the crock pot, fruit and cheese
Wednesday: Fast food due to tennis
Thursday: Chili (although not Margret's complicated one)
Friday: Chicken salad, gluten free bread
Saturday: Probably Los Arcos

On the calendar:
Sunday: Championship winning team soccer party
Monday: LEGO Robotics work session
Tuesday: Fiber Art Fusion
Wednesday: Tennis
Thursday: NOTHING
Friday: Soccer game
Saturday: Hair cut

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Menu sounds good. I have one of those air-sucker food bag things and I am starting to make double portions (of some things) and bagging the leftovers. That way Jim can cook on days when I am NOT in the mood to cook. Used to be, he'd go down the street for bbq tri-tip sandwiches but we can't do that anymore. You can't beat the convenience of cooking once and eating twice.

I use rice flour these days instead of wheat for putting a crispy crust on fish, chicken. It's pretty good.