Monday, November 03, 2008

A House Full of Kids

Tomorrow, I have to work, but the older kids don't have school. Amy has school, and Sam will go to his sitter's. However, my husband just said something about having a house full of kids tomorrow. I don't think having the older two constitutes a house full of kids. He assured me that normal people think that two kids is plenty.

Ed is excited about going with his dad to vote. I will vote on my way home. Have I mentioned how much I love voting? And I heard a couple of rumors...Krispy Kreme will give a free doughnut to people who vote. And Starbucks will give free coffee to people who vote.

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Debra said...

Since most of the schools here are polling places, the kids have the day off. I think it's a grand idea & I hope parents take the time to explain why the kids have off and show them the importance of voting. Record turnouts are expected and early voting was a huge success. Exciting times for us as Americans.