Saturday, November 01, 2008

I don't have the strength to be a mom to a little girl

Amy and I went to a birthday party today. The other little girls decided to be mean to my child. One of them spit in her face. And the other moms just stood there. No one said anything. Anything. I could not believe it. So we left. And I had to make someone else move their car so we could leave. I am so hurt for my child. Is this a typical little girl thing? I hope not.


Anonymous said...

That is outrageous and you did exactly the right thing! I raised two girls and I've never heard of such. I would have whaled the tar out of mine if they'd EVER behaved that way, and if they were ever the victims of something like that it would have been hard for me to simply leave. I get tired of people who talk about how "moody" girls are. They aren't if you don't put up with it. My rule was always, I don't give a damn WHAT kind of mood you're really in, you can take it to your room if it isn't fit for polite company. I blame parents for believing they have to put up with temper tantrums. Oy! Off my soapbox. I'm so sorry.

PS I think 5 is plenty early enough for formal birthday parties. (Amy's not 5 yet, is she?) Until then, I prefer just family celebrations.

Margaret said...

My heart aches for Amy! For both of you. There is no excuse for any of those who watched (or who actually did the spitting!). It's unconscionable.

What hurts the most is that Amy would have to witness the ugliness of someone acting without a conscience to govern behavior. Very sad.

Is she okay?

The Calico Cat said...

I have misplaced your snail mail address, please send it to me.

(I've got this book, that you should read...)
"Odd Girl Out" by: Rachel Simmons

What an awful message for the spitting moms to be sending...

Rian said...

How terrible. I hope that mother makes her little girl apologize to your Amy. But I have a hunch that'll never happen/

Debra said...

I guess you can kiss that group of "friends" good-bye. It's really the parents' fault for letting something like that go unnoticed & uncorrected.

I hope you were able to turn it into a positive lesson for Amy & help her pick some new friends.