Sunday, November 02, 2008

Baby Quilt Pictures And a Hodge Podge of Other Stugg

Here is the baby quilt. I tried to channel Debra Spincic when I was working on it. I love her fabric combinations, and I was trying to go outside of my box a little on this one. I was planning on a piano keys border for the last border, but I ran out of time. It was going to be pink and ivory. I wish I had found the time to do that. The mother-to-be was thrilled with the quilt, though.

Thanks for all the nice emails about Amy. I think she was less hurt than I was. I am a little overprotective of her because she does have fragile health. I know it is not right to do this, but I worry every day that she will show symptoms of juvenile diabetes. The celiac diagnosis has made my worry more intense. I know I can do nothing to change the future. If she is going to have diabetes, she is going to have it, and there is nothing I can do.

On a totally different note, I went out with some friends from work last night. We went to a tapas bar in the western part of the county. Whenever I get that far west, I feel like I am in Alabama. (No really, it isn't that bad over there.) There was a live band playing eighties covers. I had a couple of martinis. One was a pineapple upside down martini. The other was key lime pie. My friend had a manderin one that was really good, too. I have become a martini fan. The food was pretty good. The dancing was pretty bad. I had a really nice time. I need to get out more often. One thing that bothered me, though, was the waiter kept rubbing my back when he was taking our order. Maybe that is ok? I don't know. I am just not that touchy-feely, I guess.

And one more thing, I found a gluten free bread machine mix a Kroger today. It was really good. We had it with gluten free pasta for dinner. I used to make the Publix Apron meal most weeks. Most of them have gluten, so I have stopped that. I am feeling a little more in control of things right now, so maybe I will start searching out some new gluten free recipes.

Lastly, does anyone else remember watching "Hodge Podge Lodge" on PBS when they were little?


Rian said...

My, they do the most clever things with martinis these days.

I have a relative (Jim's side) withh celiac, food is a real challenge for her. The rest of us take such things for granted. Good luck with that.

Looks like you did a successful job of channeling Debra.

Debra said...

Why on heaven's earth were you trying to channel me??