Monday, January 09, 2006

A new meme

Jen of Bayou Quilts tagged me to do this...

Four jobs you've had: concessions at the Columbia Cinemas, a salesperson in a vintage clothes shop, graduate student, engineer
Four movies you could watch over and over: Remember the Titans, Steel Magnolias, Varsity Blues, Field of Dreams
Four places you've lived: College Park, MD, Columbia, MD, Blacksburg, VA, Atlanta, GA
Four TV shows you love to watch: West Wing, Boston Legal, Two and a Half Men, Gilmore Girls
Four Places You've Been on Vacation: London, The Soviet Union (back when it was The Soviet Union,) Isle of Palms, SC, Disney World
Four Websites You Visit Every Day: quilting forum, a number of blogs
Four Of Your Favorite Foods: French fries with ketchup, chicken salad, pizza from Ledos, shrimp
Four Places You'd Rather Be: The Beach, London, St. John, USVI, Disney World
Four Albums you can't live without: REM Eponymous, Jill Palmer's Wings to Fly, Jimmy Buffet's Songs You Know by Heart, and my new favorite is the soundtrack from Jersey Boys
Four People you'll pass this on to: Anyone else want to play? We did something like this when we started The Artist's Way and it helped to get to know each other.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I guess in the blogging world the meme is rather common. It was new for me and fun to do. The only problem is now I really want to go back to London!