Monday, January 30, 2006

Chapter 10 Check In

I found all the stuff about avoiding creating very interesting. I do tend to start the laundry, oh and do the dishes, and take out the trash... Well, you get it. I am not a workaholic because I don't have a job. I do have my kids, but they nap and go to school, so I do have some time. I probably cook dinner to avoid working on things sometimes.

Nothing I do would win a competition. However, I have seen a number of my high school friends/aquaintainces making careers out of being creative. One friend is a set designer for off-Broadway productions. Another person I knew in high school is an Oscar nominated actor. One of my best friends has 3 piano CD's out for which she not only played the music, she composed it all. So, I do see myself as being behind them. However, I also don't see myself as being the next Jinny Beyer, either, so I am pretty sure my quilting goals do not equal their goals for their art.

I do know that my t-shirt quilt has gotten many compliments and I will be receiving some more t-shirt quilt business. The person for whom I made it says everyone comments on how unique it is.

Artist's Date this week... I went to the quilt store and got fabric for my first Art Image challenge. I also shopped on-line for fun fabric paiints and some anti-chlor. That was all done in one afternoon, so I kind of see it as an Artisit's Date.

We closed on the new house today. It still does not feel real as we don't take possession until Thursday. The closing went very smoothly, for which I am grateful. Now to start taking down wallpaper...


Deb Geyer said...

I don't do the laundry or dishes to avoid creating...but I do something even worse. I go to the kitchen and eat!

Rian said...

So you bought a new house? When do you move? Have you sold your present house? Tell me all about your new house. We are looking at moving too, so this is a subject I'm real interested in.