Monday, March 15, 2010

Some days I write an email

The President of the Smithsonian, Dr. G Wayne Clough was the Dean of Engineering at Virginia Tech when I got my BS degree. He was the President of Georgia Tech when I got my MS and PhD. I was the first person he ever handed three diplomas to, and he hugged me when I walked across the stage when I received my PhD. My parents and I had lunch with him the day before graduation.

Whenever I have a rough day at work, I fantasize about working somewhere else. Some days, it is just at a different school. Some days it is at a college. But many days it is at The Smithsonian. And on a couple of particularly stressful days, I have even composed an email to Dr. Clough asking for a job.

What would I do at the Smithsonian? I could curate science exhibits. I could do research. I could meet First Lady Michelle Obama. (I really like her!) I am sure Dr. Clough could find something for me to do.

But for now, I will keep on at my school.

And fantasize about opening a bookstore cafe on North Hutchinson Island in Florida.

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