Saturday, March 13, 2010

From my phone

I thought I would try something new. I am posting from my phone. I cannot do anything fancy, yet, but if I download the non-lite writer, perhaps I could do more.

In case anyone is interested, here us what is going on in my life:

Three of the four kids are playing soccer. When we do not get rainouts, we can have 7 games in a weekend. This weekend was completely rained out.

I am still teaching high school math. I am also working with a local university on a grant to change their teacher prep program.

We have started a "dinner club" (for lack of a better phrase) with three other couples. Once a month we have dinner together, and we rotate houses each month. It is a lot of fun. April is our turn to host. I have to figure out what to serve. The host makes the main dish, and the other couples bring salad, appetizers, and desserts. We may grill steaks and/or shrimp.

Next weekend we are going to Fiddler on the Roof with one of the couples from above.

For my birthday, my older sister flew in from Chicago. We went shopping and to a comedy club. Then Amy and I went to see the ballet Cinderella by the Atlanta Ballet. It was a great weekend, even if there was a snowstorm.

Amy is reading. A lot. It is fun.

Sam is growing. He carries around a pillowcase the way other kids carry blankets. The pillowcase is named little sheet.

Ed is having a good year at school and at soccer. He just downloaded Treasure Island onto his Kindle app on his iPod.

Alex is a high school freshman. He us doing well in school. Soon he can get his learner's permit. I am not sure how I feel about that. Certainly he can't be that old?

Well, that is all for now.

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