Saturday, September 06, 2008

Using up scaps

I love a big piece of fabric. Once I cut into a piece of fabric, I tend not to want to use it again. I don't know why, but I love yardage. If it is less than a half a yard, I don't think about using it. So today I decided to make something using only things I have cut into previously. This is what came out.
I squared-up some pieces of fabric, and then I started sewing them together at random. Then, I squared again, added a few pieces here and there, and made this thing. I was thinking of adding some appliqued circles, but now I am not sure. It is about 36 inches on one side. It looks like a baby's lovey to me. So it may be going to one of my many pregnant friends and colleagues. (It seems like I know a lot of pregnant people right now. Weird.)

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Debra said...

You could also act like it is a piece of yardage and next time you need some big pieces, pull it out, ignore the seams and cut new shapes.