Saturday, September 06, 2008

I like this post

I like to read the Mental Multivitamin blog. This post is one I enjoyed this morning. As someone who has been called an education snob more than once, well, let's just say I liked this post.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I can see where you would. It tickled me too. J likes to use the word Elitist when referring to his SIL. We did notice a lot of that arrogance, snobbery, elitism, whatever you want to call it when we were in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Well said. What we don't need is any further dumbing-down of every aspect of society, from education to social behavior, nor any further putting-down of the rare person aspiring to something greater. Just sign me,

"Painfully clinging to my perfectionist and snooty expectations that individuals CAN do better."