Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another week gone by

It was a busy week at school, and I am taking a class one night a week, so that takes up some time, too. I suspect this week will be busy, too.

This morning, the littles and I went to an antiques festival in Marietta Square. I found a great table made from an old barn door. I should have bought it. I am sitting here regretting that I do not own it. I really am. And I didn't even pick up a card from the dealer so I could call him later. I want that table. It was gorgeous. So now I am thinking that I need to drive to Ohio and see if the people who bought my grandparents' barn will sell me the door. Which would be so much more expensive than the table was. And what are the chances that these people would sell me the door? They might just think I was completely off my rocker. (And they might be right.) Of course, my parents are there this weekend. My dad might just be up for the adventure, but I don't know how they would get the door to me. And my mom would definitely think I was odd. And I don't know how to make a door into a table. I mean, I could probably figure it out, but it certainly would have been easier just to buy that table. And perhaps my grandparents barn has been long since knocked down because it was in tough shape when we sold it. Maybe I could just haunt antique stores until I find one. Or look for a closer barn to find a door.

Other than that, we are just waiting for the guys to get home from tennis/soocer/soccer so we can have some dinner. It has been a pretty lazy afternoon.

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