Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Tree Grows in...

Here is the piece I just finished for the Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. The show is September 26-28 at the Rock Financial Center. Last year, Family Values: Nursing Mom was in the show. This year, the show is a little different. All the pieces will be the same size and hung next to each other to create the illusion of one giant quilt. Pretty cool. And, the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society in conjunction with Fiber Art for a Cause.

Here is a silk ribbon butterfly.

A silk ribbon flower and a leaf turning colors.
More silk ribbon flowers.

The silk ribbon came from Nicholas Kniel's shop, always an exciting and pleasant adventure. The flowers are in his book, which is to die for. It has directions for all sorts of incredible ribbon flowers. The trunk is a bunch of different kinds of yarn couched to the background of hand-dyed blue fabric.

Now if I can figure out how to ship it without the flowers being crushed.

The theme this year is Celebrating Care Givers. Trees provide many of the same things care givers do. They provide shelter, life giving oxygen, shade, fruit, and beauty. The one turning leaf represents all of the care givers who give all of themselves. So many care givers give so much, that they neglect their own needs. The butterfly represents hospice. Well, I am still working on the artist statement.

And here is a picture of Amy.


Paula said...

Love your artistry. That is so cool.

sophie said...

Jules, will you be attending the show? I hope to be there and will definitely be on the look-out for your cool quilt.

Tanguera said...

Very cool. Love the dimension to it.