Sunday, August 24, 2008

The plans for this week

Well, food plans fell apart a little last week. With Dave going out of town, soccer practice starting, and two PTA/Back to School meetings, life got a little hectic. So this week, I concentrated on crock pot type meals for the week. Oh, and one day of gluten free mac and cheese.

Dinner Plans:
Sunday--Los Arcos for SIL's birthday
Monday--Chicken and mushrooms in the crock pot
Tuesday--Mac and Cheese
Wednesday--Ribs in the crock pot
Thursday--Turkey and black bean chili in the crock pot
Friday--Baked chicken (maybe for a salad)

To accomplish:
Birthday present for A
Mail A Tree Grows In... piece
Pick up art from Margaret
Get UTEE pot (maybe, but really, I loved making those beads...)
Some sort of art
Tuesday--PTA at OHS (yes, I am a member of 3 PTA's and 1 PTO), A soccer practice
Wednesday--Tennis Meeting
Thursday--E soccer practice


The Calico Cat said...

Do you visit the "A year of CrockPotting" blog? Most (if not all) of her recipes are gluten free.

I made her ribs - YUM!
Today I am making her layered dinner - can't ya tell - I'm cooking right now!

Tell me more about the chicken & mushrooms...

Kory said...

Actually, "mid-week" does indeed get hyphenated. "Mid" is a modifier of "week." Well done, Jules!