Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Saturday

After a crisis at school this week, I didn't think my piece would make it to Breaking Traditions. There just wasn't a day I could leave early enough to get to the post office. Luckily, Lynn Krawcyzk, who curates (and everything else) the show, allowed me to mail it today. So the little people and I got to the post office at 8:30 this morning when it opened. A Tree Grows in... is safely on its way to Michigan. This is the fourth time I have had a piece in a show, and I am thinking I should try to make something for a juried show next. I am still thinking on that.

After the post office, I realized I needed a file off my computer at school to write a test this weekend. So we drove over to school because usually someone is there on Saturday mornings. Well, someone had a flat tire, so the school was locked. No file for me this weekend. That will teach me to put EVERYTHING on my jump drive.

Next, we made a quick trip to the Target. I decided to go to the one by school in case the flat tire got fixed and I could get into the building after all. Well, that is the last time I go to that Target. I live in an affluent area, but my school is on a totally different economic plane. It makes a huge difference in what Target stocks, the attitude of the employees and security, and just the general cleanliness of the store. It was kind of sad.

The flat tire still wasn't fixed, so I headed back towards this side of town. I wanted to pick up some goggles for a college freshman that I know who needs a good care package. I know which ones she uses, and I know they carry them at a local swim store. (These goggles are a little beyond what Target carries.) The swim store was supposed to open at 10. It was almost 11 when I got there, and it was closed. So no goggles this weekend.

Then I had to go to four different stores before I could find something that Dave had requested. The crappy Target didn't have it. The nice Target didn't have it. Publix and Walgreens didn't have it. Finally, I found it in Rite Aid. And I bought every one that they had. (I am hoping by typing this, in a couple of months when I need to find the item again, I can remember I found it at Rite Aid.)

By then, the little people were hungry, although they were not whiney. The second part may have had something to do with the toys they got at the crappy Target. So we made a quick trip through the McDonald's drive through. The two split a Happy Meal, with Sam eating the chicken nuggets and gluten-free Amy having the fries. We add fruit and yogurt at home, and they are both happy, although they are beginning to argue over the toy. (Which will wind up in the trash by the end of the day.)

So now, it is not even 1:00, and we are back home from our somewhat successful morning. Dave and the big kids are at soccer practice. The littles will go down for a nap soon, and I am going to go play in the studio. I want to do some more dimensional work.

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Debra said...

thank goodness for naptime!