Monday, July 23, 2007

Stuff and Nonsense

The tree is on the quilt. The quilt is quilted. I just have to do the leaves now. My sister, who is the final recipient of this quilt, loves it.

I made a couple of butterflies for a church banner. I need to do some daffodils next. I forgot to take pictures of the butterflies before I turned them in. I didn't like how the banner was going, so I kind of took over. I didn't think it should be just another flat banner, so I made stuffed butterflies and will make three dimensional daffodils. Really, people should not get me involved if they don't want me to change everything. I really have a hard time following patterns anymore.

I have been working on the trip around the world quilt. I tried to talk my mom into finishing it for me, and she just laughed. I don't know why it is so hard for me to work on it, but I am determined to finish it. The son-in-law of my mother's college roommate (I know that is a convoluted relationship) is a neurosurgeon at Walter Reed. I keep telling myself that one of his patients may need this quilt. But I think I am almost scared of it.

Thanks for all the kind comments about my chosen path in life. It really helps to know that people a pulling for me.


sophie said...

Have you heard of the book, Bend the Rules Sewing? I think you could write, Bend the Rules Quilting . . . and yes, that's a compliment ;-)

katelnorth said...

I'm a bit like that - if you don't want me to take over - I mean, freely express my opinion, yeah, that's what I mean - you better not ask me. And you know what I think? They are lucky to have you and should just cope :)

QuiltingFitzy said...

I'd be better off if you never showed me the project, lol. I just can't keep my mouth shut sometimes.

I wonder tho, was it a set-up in the first place...because they didn't want to come out flat and ASK ME?

Jules, you have EVERYONE pulling for you, you go girl!

Rian said...

As to the penultimate sentence in the second paragraph: If you don't want my opinion or help, why ask me then?