Saturday, July 07, 2007

I started putting on the tree

Well, I decided to layer the quilt and put the tree on all three layers. I knew it needed a stabilizer, so I figured backing and batting would work. I didn't want anything heavy in there that might interfere with the quilting in the other part, where I have decided to put words. So the tree in half down. It is taking a lot of time. I was hoping to have it down by Monday, so I can make a trip to Nicholas Kniel for a yellow ribbon. Since I am at "New Teacher Institute" the rest of the week, it will be Saturday before I get there if I don't go Monday. This working stuff is sure getting in the way of shopping.

Speaking of working, I got some new shoes from Liz Claiborne the other day. One pair of black. One pair of brown. I also got a couple of tops from Ann Taylor. I haven't bought nice clothes in years, so this shopping has been fun. I am hoping to make a trip to Talbots, too.

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The Carolina Quilter said...

Working gets in the way of everything even though I love my job at a quilt shop. We're gearing up for Shop Hop which begins Friday and runs for two weeks. Wish us luck. Doubt I'll get much sewing done during that.