Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nothing Exciting

I just realized how long it has been since I posted. I have not done anything on the quilt below, but hopefully will get back to it tomorrow. We were in Florida on Spring Break for a week. That was a lot of fun. I got to see my parents and hang out at their house. I still feel weird about visiting them in Florida instead of Columbia, Maryland, where I grew up. But, they are happy down there. They are healthier. And they have made a ton of friends. Not to mention, they pretty much have a revolving door for their old friends coming to visit. And even some really old (not in age, but from high school and college) friends have come to stay with them. But, I want to visit home sometime, too. Maybe next year for my 20th high school reunion. (Has it really been that long?!) Just another weight loss motivator.

I walked this morning. And Sunday. This morning, I did the couch to 5k program for 30 minutes. It is the same idea as when I started running in December. I hope I will keep it up this time. I had to do it inside this morning. While I own a double jogger stroller, I don't think the baby is quite big enough for it, yet.

And yesterday, I planned out a menu for the week and went shopping. Unfortunately, I mixed up which kid has soccer practice which day. It wouldn't be a problem except I have my Fiber Art Fusion meeting this evening, which means I will not be here to cook after everyone gets home from soccer practice. So now I am in a quandary for tonight. I really don't think Dave will be up to cooking salmon and asparagus when he gets home from coaching soccer for two hours while keeping up with our little people, too. I just figured it out. I will make tomorrow's macaroni and cheese casserole tonight. I will cook it, and turn off the oven when I leave. That way, it will stay warm in the oven. Everyone loves mac 'n' cheese, so Dave won't have any fights about food when they get home, either.

For the rest of the week we have:
  • salmon, broccolini, and rice
  • curry chicken salad, jalapeƱo cheddar cornbread, and asparagus
  • corn chowder, cheese and crackers, salad, and maple baked beans (these were to go with the mac and cheese, but they need all day in the crock pot)
  • low country boil with shrimp, corn, and potatoes
  • fiesta quesadillas from Wolfgang Puck's kid cookbook
Hopefully I can stick to it. Oh, I just remembered, Saturday we have a late soccer game at the Northwest Y. That means, dinner at Five Guys. So I have an extra meal planned. YAHOO!

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