Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Last Night at Fiber Art Fusion

Last evening, Fiber Art Fusion met at Fiber on a Whim. It was a blast. Nicholas Kniel was there. He has the most wonderful ribbon shop on the continent, I am told. I will find out later today. Anyway, he taught us to make gorgeous ribbon roses. He brought a ton of ribbons from which to choose, and we all made two roses. The one on the right was made with a plaid ribbon, which I just thought was crazy cool. Today, I am going to get some smaller ribbon and make some roses to go on my nursing mom piece. That way she can be sitting in a flower garden. He has a book that I am going to order so I can make some different flowers, too. It is back ordered right now, but I'll let you know what I think when I get it. I am also going to go to Fiber on a Whim to figure out a better way to do her hair. I think it needs to be more 3-dimensional.

Sharon Serrano Ahmed brought some of her wonderful pieces for show and tell last night. Sharon does the neatest 3-D felting things. I love her faces that she has been doing. I just love that she creates all the time. I can almost see the creativity flowing out of her. And she is so willing to share her knowledge and time with people. I really admire her.

Now, do you quilt a piece before you embellish it? Or do you quilt after you embellish? Or both? I quilted the heart before I embellished it. I did not put a back on it. I just quilted the top to the batting, and I am planning to add a back when the whole thing is done. I just thought it would look messy otherwise. My grandma and mom both taught me to have nice backs on my needlepoint and cross stitch pieces. So I am kind of in that frame of mind.

In other news, I did the Couch to 5k again this morning. I ran inside the house again. I don't even want to know how many laps around my first floor I do. I think I will have to invest in a treadmill after we replace the carpet. Otherwise I will wear out the carpet. My two year old walks with me for a good portion of the time. Sometimes I carry the baby during the walking parts. He thinks it is funny. Then he gets deposited in different area each time. Sometimes in the bouncy seat. Sometimes on his quilt. Sometimes in the excersaucer. (Thanks Rebecca!)

Dave threw me for another supper loop tonight. He agreed to meet someone after soccer practice. So salmon is on hold for another night. I think we will go with the Curry Chicken Salad tonight. It is from the In the Kitchen with Rosie cookbook by Oprah's former chef.


Kay said...

Ribbon flowers are fun to make; you can do the most beautiful things--or some people can, my small motor skills aren't quite that good. Your plaid one is a great idea. I'm going to be excited about seeing nursing mother finished.

Deb Geyer said...

I like to quilt first, with the backing in place. Then the I do the embellishing on the front only going into the batting, not through the back. All of the knots need to be buried; pulled into the interior of the quilt. I've been doing that for a while now and it seems to work OK.

Debra Spincic said...

I have tried a few ribbon roses for my Orange CQ and they turned out fine but I can see that I would need to really spend some time to get the hang of them correctly. Good luck and post what you do.

You can always put on a "false" back when you are completely done.

Rian said...

Those ribbon flowers will look very cool on a quilt. To answer your question, I embellish after quilting--so I don't have to worry about mowing down the embellishments with the presser foot.

Thanks for the link to the couch/5k thing. I think that's just what I need. And we're going to tackle the garage next week, which means we will be able to get to the treadmill. Yay!

jenclair said...

Pretty! Sounds like a great evening with lots of inspiring ideas!