Friday, April 27, 2007

Just to say hello

First of all, this picture is for Jane Ann. My mom made this dress for Amy to wear to my husband's niece's christening next weekend. She wanted to make a coordinating outfit for Sam, but she ran out of time. My niece is having her first communion at the same time, and my mom was making a gorgeous dress for my niece for that occasion. So Sam will wear one of many hand-me-downs that we have. There are certain advantages to having the two youngest grandchildren, and hand-me-downs are not the least of these.

I finished this quilt to give as a first communion present.

I am still thinking on the christening present. I decided against a quilt because both the mom and grandma quilt. I don't want to accidentally step on anyone's toes. However, I am going to do a small wall hanging inspired by Deborah.

And it looks like I need to clean my camera lens. I'll have to ask my sister to take another picture of that quilt because it is on its way to her house already.


Jane Ann said...

Love, love, love looking at those babies and their frocks. Moms like you save some of the kids of "this nation" as Ella calls it from lookin' like Britney!!!!

(And note to self: His own copy of "Runaway Bunny" is not a sufficient christening gift from his grandmother. Order the cup!)

Rian said...

Lovely quilt! Very lively and colorful. I looked at those card things on Deborah's blog. I agree they are the way to go. Very clever.

Debra Spincic said...

1. Cute daughter!
2. Cute quilt!
3. Clever mom!

Sande said...

The quilt is beautiful. No wonder she's sleeping with it every day!