Sunday, November 13, 2005

Week 2 Check In

Morning Pages... I did them 6 out of 7. I missed Saturday morning because my husband was being sweet and let me sleep in. By the time I got up, it was almost time to leave for the last soccer game of the season. So, no morning pages on Saturday. About mid week, the morning pages just started flowing. One morning I designed a wall hanging based on American Gothic like the ARTImage Challenge women are working on now. I will put it together this week, hopefully. I also figured out that the morning pages will accept my most anxious moments and make my life a little less anxious.

Artist Date... I went to Target. Now I know you are thinking that I go to Target just about every week for something or another, and I do. However, this one was different. I got a few things for the house to make it more presentable to prospective buyers. I got a couple of rugs and some new throw pillows. The rugs really warm up the foyer and the powder room. And the throw pillows actually go with the sofas we just inherited from my parents. So I had a lot of fun and got to be a little creative... It reminded me of Debra's trip to Marshalls for dishes.

Other insights... I think this week was all about getting up and doing it for me. Not only quilting-wise, but with other things in my life, too. I mentioned that we are thinking of moving, and we really got going on that this week. I also completely finished the t-shirt quilt top, and I love it. I will post a picture when it is given to its recipient because it is a surprise. That will not be for another month, so don't hold your breath. I cleaned up my sewing room for a number of reasons, and it seems like Jane Ann did that too in the Artist's Way journey. Boy is it easier to create in that environment.

Sophie's trip to the beach reminded me how much I love to go to the beach. So I called my parents and sent them scoping out beaches I can visit when I am there for Thanksgiving. They also found an oceanographic insitute for us to visit.

Like Suze, I picked some new dream occupations... They include travel writer, historian, novelist, interior designer, and astronaut. I have a friend from graduate school who is now a Shuttle Astronaut and it seems like such a cool thing to do. There is also a Shuttle Astronaut who is a quilter. Well, that is one goal I am not going to work towards because I know I am too old to do it, and well, the way the space program is going, we might not have many more manned space flights. But I have been making notes on a story I can write.

Well, that is this week's check in.


Jane Ann said...

Ummm....smacking my head here! How could I NOT have thought of travel writer? I LOVE to travel, love to WRITE, and love to READ travel writers (just went through my collection the other night while culling stuff for Goodwill, as a matter of fact). Clever girl.

You have that upbeat tone familiar to me right now. Sounds like a good week. Let's keep on keepin' on.

Rian said...

I am thinking of moving, too. We looked at houses again today. I'm afraid everything out there is awfully expensive, so we may stay put. Let me know how the house-hunting part goes.

Debra Spincic said...

You go! look at you with the links too. . . nice job!

Gemia said...

Travel writer was on my list too.

I envy your Target artist date. We have Target here but is is NOT the same.