Saturday, October 04, 2008

My First Memory

Jane Ann wrote about her first memory. Here is mine...

I was three years old. We drove to Colorado to spend a week at a cabin in Estes Park. I don't remember driving to Colorado, although I am told that my older sister had a colorful language experience in my grandparents' car looking for a hotel in Kansas somewhere. She was five at the time. Anyway, I do remember spending the week in the park. I had my first pair of genuine Levis jeans. I went "fishing" in a stream with a stick and yard. The yarn was aqua, so my grandma must have been knitting or crocheting something aqua. My aunt and uncle were there. I remember brushing my aunt's really long hair. I remember feeding chipmunks. I remember there was mud outside the cabin when we arrived and that my grandma didn't want her shoes to get muddy.

I wish I could find my pictures. They are in a box in the basement in a photocube that my aunt and uncle gave me. That photocube sat beside my bed for many years. A couple of years ago, Ed saw it and thought I was him in the pictures. I was hair-challenged when I was young. I didn't really get hair until I was three. My almost two year old has more hair than I did in those pictures.

Anyway, that is my earliest memory. I love the Rocky Mountains. My aunt had us singing, "America, The Beautiful" while we hiked in the purple mountain majesties. And everytime I hear that song, I think of that trip.


Anonymous said...

You remember a LOT about that trip, to have been so young. Why am I not surprised, Brainiac?

Deb H said...

Gosh, I don't think I can remember my first memory! Would that make me an oxymoron?