Friday, June 13, 2008

Yesterday didn't turn out as I had hoped

In the morning, I got a call from the kids' pediatrician. My daughter has Celiac Disease. This means she cannot eat gluten. Ever. Gluten is in everything. Everything. Ok, not everything, but a lot of stuff you wouldn't think about. Needless to say, it kind of threw me for a little while.

I did get the t-shirts cut out. I did not get them fused. That will happen today.

I didn't get to use the moon button. Maybe today...


The Calico Cat said...

My friend has that disease too. She gets lots of good stuff mail order (I think the placeis in Canada.) Her family actually prefers the gluten free deserts...

Also during passover a lot of stuff is gluten free.

While having a disease is never good, there is a lot of information/food products now that weren't before for people who can not tolerate gluten.

I think the only food alergy that could be worse is corn - corn syrup is in EVERYTHING!

What happened to my long e-mail?

Suze said...

So sorry Miss Amy has celiac..but at least now you know what it should look at some of the low-carb recipes...most of them are gluten free...this gal has some of the most interesting replacements for stuff that usually has bread/wheat flour in it:
I have tried the pizza and it's really good! Sounds odd to make pizza dough out of cauliflower and mozzarella cheese, but its good!

(note to Calico Cat...yeah..corn syrup allergy IS the pits...I can tolerate corn meal, but fresh corn and corn syrup mess with my body big time...)

Rian said...

I am sorry to hear about your daughter. My cousin-in-law has celiac disease. She is allergic to just about everything, it seems. She brought her own food to a luncheon recently. I wonder what people did before they knew about this condition.

Nice to see you back in Blogland.

Anonymous said...

Julie, I'm so sorry about Amy. My niece was thought to have it last summer (they were trying to find out why she's so tiny and thought maybe she doesn't get enough nourishment), and it really rocked our worlds as we delved into it. This will be a huge challenge for your whole family. But as resourceful as you are, you'll deal with it, I know. And yes, mail order is very helpful--my sister had already begun collecting her sources.