Thursday, June 12, 2008

A New Day

I just finished my workout. I did a half hour of step aerobics to General Hospital. I can almost get all of General Hospital watched in a half hour.

Today I am going to do all the cutting and fusing for a t-shirt quilt. I don't really enjoy these, but this one is for a graduating senior who has been influential (in a great way) on the lives of my children. She saw another one that I did, and she thought it was more interesting than other ones she has seen. (She liked the lack of blank space.) So I said I would make it. And her mom is paying me, which will offset the writing curricula I am buying for the kids.

After I get the cutting and fusing done, I have this white button that has been sitting by my desk for a few days that is just asking to become a moon. So I am going to start a piece where it can be the moon. So here's hoping that whatever top it is from never needs its spare button...

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