Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It has been forever

I finally finished something. My fiber arts group, Fiber Art Fusion, is having a show at the end of July. I finished my piece for it yesterday. And, Dave found the digital camera, so I could take pictures of it. It is a little accordion fold book. The theme of the show is Transformation. I took all of the same shapes, the house and the moon, and made them with different colors, textures, and put them in different places. In math, a transformation is when you move a thing to a new place. So it is kind of a geometry thing, too, since that is what I taught this year. The original idea for these little house pictures came from Deborah Boschert's book, Small Art Quilts, Creating a Series.

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jenclair said...

Jules, this is so cute! I love the Transformation in your little book!