Friday, March 09, 2007

I's Friday, I'm in Love

Who gets that musical reference? Amy?

Well, I am signing Ed up for the art class. It is about 3-D art, and I think he will have a blast. One of the little girls in his homeroom class is also taking the class, so that should be fun for them. Yes, he claims girls are ooey, but he just does that because he is supposed to.

We went to the school production of Oklahoma last night. I thought it was very good for 4th and 5th graders. The sets were very elaborate. The costumes were, too. I better practice my garment sewing before my kids get that age. Oh, and where do you find chaps for 5th graders? I guess they won't be doing Oklahoma again for Ed, but by the time Sam is there they may recycle it, and I might need some.

I think I will take today off studying and do some fun stuff. Maybe I will finish the heart quilt. Maybe I will work on my little houses. I probably will end up studying some, just because I will feel the need.

Have a great day!


The Calico Cat said...

I recognize the reference, but I am so rotten at "who sang that" or song titles...

On first glance, I read preschool production - I thought WOW they are perfoming Oklahoma in preschool nowadays, waht happened to the food groups...

Rian said...

I was trying to place the music reference from "Oklahoma!" but didn't get it. And I thought I knew most of that music (because it played in our house when I was young and could retain things).

Sounds like life is good.

Dorothy said...

Oh you KNOW I know this one.
I don't care if Monday's blue,
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too.
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday. I'm in love! (The Cure)

You aren't the only child of the 80s, Jules.

(Oh, and I LOVE Oklahoma... where the corn grows as high as an elephants eye..."

Kory W. said...

Hi Julie! How awesome to hear from you, and to discover your blog. I look forward to reading it, and have passed it onto Leigh. If you know anyone who needs a sermon (can't comment on how good it will be!), please feel free to send them to my site. I post my sermon every Monday. Please tell the family we said Hi! -- Kory

Samantha said...

dorothy beat me to it... The Cure!!

sounds like very elaborate kids' theater- how wonderful that your kids will get that in their future!