Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Break

I am very excited that it is Spring Break. We aren't going anywhere. Well, we will hang out at the new house a lot so the kids can get to know any neighbors who are also hanging around. We will go to Ledo's Pizza one day. And maybe we will go to the zoo. Maybe not, though. It depends on the weather, which is rather severe right now. I just heard the siren go off.

Quilting-wise, I am going to do March's journal page this week. I finished my Winter Art Image Challenge, although I will probably add some more quilting to it.

"Ketchup is our Vegetable, Snowflakes are our Drugs"
By Julie Runyan Kokan
When I got to making the snowflakes, it reminded me of my senior year of high school. I worked in the school's writing tutoring center one period a day with a bunch of friends. We were the students that were going to schools like Wellesley, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Smith, Williams, and some of the better out of state state schools. So needless to say, that winter was a nailbiting time for many of us. (Not me, I got into the engineering program at Virginia Tech at the beginning of October, but I was still nervous for all my friends.) So we would sit around second period and cut out snowflakes to decorate the room. We didn't do drugs, which were prevalent in our school, but we made snowflakes. I went to middle and high school (and part of elementary school) during the Reagan era. He decided that ketchup could be counted as a vegetable for school lunches. Of course, I am sure he was advised by many people that it would be ok. Most of us were liberals and campaigning for Gore's primary run at the time. Although we had a few Republicans who were working on the Dole Primary Campaign. Anyway, the title of this piece came from an essay someone wrote during that time.

The snowflakes are made the old fashioned way by folding a circle 12 times and cutting it out. They aren't perfect, like real snowflakes. And a couple of them were cut out by my five year old. But it was so much fun and so relaxing. I learned it was better to cut them AFTER removing the paper from the fusible web. I have never made a fusible quilt before, and I found it liberating.

The other thing I will do quilt-wise is make my list of 4 UFO's to finish for the 4 UFO Challenge on the Quilt Studio. I will list them, and then pick them out of a hat so that I will randomly choose the #3 to start with. I need to be in the studio to pick the UFO's, though, and they are at the new house right now.


Rian said...

Jules, I love this piece and I love the story behind it. Great job and sounds like you had fun with this.

There is a siren when you have bad weather? Like you don't know it's raining already?

I love the zoo. We have a little zoo here in Atascadero, it's a pathetic little zoo, but they have a tiger. I have to find out more about how they came to have this one magnificent animal among the myriad lemurs and warthogs.

The Calico Cat said...

Love the snowflakes, I've been waiting to see them!