Sunday, December 11, 2005

Week 6 Check In

Week six was about "Recovering a Sense of Abundance." Essentially, a lot of it was about money. I must admit I have never been broke. I am not rich by a long shot, but I have never had to wonder where my next meal was coming from or if we could turn on the heat. Well, that is since I have been an adult. I believe that money must have been tight when I was young. However, my parents made the best of it. My parents taught me over the years that how you spend your money will show your priorities. I see a lot of that in this chapter. Or maybe that is just what I wanted to see. I did the money madness exercise, but I am not going to share it all here. Suffice it to say that I think I have a healthy attitude about money and I think I learned it from my well grounded parents.

I did my morning pages every day this week. YAHOO! I am going to continue to do them during our hiatus. I like spilling my guts that way. Although my husband has not seen, nor will he ever see my morning pages, I have shared some of my thoughts with him. He thinks they are working pretty well.

For my artist date, I didn't get to do what I wanted to. I wanted to go to a Christmas program at a church this afternoon. I forgot my boys had tickets to the hockey game. So my littlest and I went to historic Marietta Square shopping. I got the teachers' gifts that I needed. My favorite store, The Keeping Room was open on a Sunday for a change. That is where I always find my teachers' gifts, and once again there they were.

Sychronicity--The Keeping Room was open today. My younger sister called and out of the blue said that her husband's favorite restaurant was the one I just got him a gift card to.

About the new house, everything is in place for us to close at the end of January. Here is a picture of the new house.


Pat/SWquilter said...

Sounds like synchronicity was working for you this week! Great house!

Rian said...

I love the house! How exciting. I know it's a lot of work, but it's fun work.

Jane Ann said...

Oh, Jules, what a lovely house. Is it in Marietta? Will you be packing over Christmas? Congratulations, and yeah, I think you had a little synchronicity going for you.

sophie said...

I love the new house! It also made me smile when I read that your husband thinks morning pages "are working pretty well."

Jane Ann said...

Jules, I too found similarities in our attitudes toward money.

I had to find my own way to financial peace (apologies to Dave Ramsey) after attaining adulthood. I placed tremendous emphasis on good money management when I was raising my girls, and I am VERY gratified to see what good managers they are. The one with the huge law school debt will manage to pay it all off eventually. We knew that the debt would offset any large salary she may ever make, so that she'll probably never have any more money than she had when she worked as a legal assistant. But the work will be more gratifying and will offer her greater career options than she would otherwise have had.

What is interesting to me about our similarity of attitudes is that yours sprang from your parents' positive example, and mine sprang from my parents' negative example.

I get angry to this day at the way my mother chooses to spend her money. But since she is not looking to me for assistance, I just bite my tongue.

cathy said...

What a wonderful house. I hope closing goes without a hitch for you.

Debra Spincic said...

Great House! Holler if you need any decorating tips!