Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finished Some UFOs

Although you cannot see it well in this picture (it is gorgeous when it is bigger...) we woke up to ice on the trees this morning. No ice on the roads, so school was not cancelled.

As promised yesterday, I finished a quilt up. It is for my son's principal. It was a number of years in the making because I got bored with it. When I saw this apple fabric it looked like a kaliedoscope quilt would work great for it. It was my first attempt at equilateral triangles. I learned you really must be extremely precise when cutting them. However, a lot of quilting has allowed this quilt to look better than it should. I think the principal will be happy with it. I am calling it Carmel Apple.
Here is another quilt I finished for my niece. I did it to practice machine quilting. I drew the pattern on using a Crayola washable marker. It washed right out, even though I left it for a month or so. And it was a black marker. Anyway, in the middle of working on this quilt, I got a new foot pedal for my machine. I had no idea the speed control had deteriorated as much as it had. Needless to say, it was much easier to quilt with the new foot pedal.
Ok, I am off to find another UFO to work on. Thanks for the inspiration Tracey!

P.S. If you want to see the most wonderful quilt of the Christmas Season, even though I know Barbara did not design it to be a Christmas Quilt per se, visit the Madonna Idea Blog. This quilt had me speechless this morning.


Debra Spincic said...

I can see that I need to try some of those kaleidoscope quilts! Did you see Judy's post yesterday (Sunshine quilts). She has about 5 Stack and Whack quilts.

Tracey said...

Oh Jules! That is such a fabulous quilt!! And you did the machine quilting yourself? I'm in awe (from one that is machine quilting impaired!). Way to go!!! I definitely need to make one of those kaleidoscope quilts one of these days. The result is awesome. :o)

Jules said...

Thanks Tracey. Your completion of your UFOs has so inspired me this week. I am working on number 3 now.

Debra, I checked out Judy's work. I am always amazed at how differently you can make these Stack N Whacks.

The Calico Cat said...

Love that S&W (I blogged about mine today (sort of)....) & I love the phot of the icy tree. I often wish that I had a camera to capture similar photos.... That is a favorite photographed image.

BTW The panda baby was wonderful! He was SOOO cute!

congrats on the finishes!

Olenka said...

Although it's burdensome for the trees, I love seeing them iced over like your photo. When the sun comes out it can truly look like a winter wonderland with every twig sparkling. Since I've never made a kaleidescope quilt, it's fascinating to me how so many different fabrics (apple stars!)give such fun results.

sophie said...

Carmel Apple is the perfect name for your wonderful quilt. I'm so inspired by you and Tracey to pull out some UFOs and FINISH THEM!